Week 7

Hello and I hope this finds everyone well. We are transitioning into a cooler season and I hope you feel ready! If you need ANYTHING as far as winter gear goes, please let me know and I can help you get it.I was so busy this week that I barely took any photos. What I did capture was our class wide kick ball game. The students had voted on playing when they filled their greenie jar two weeks ago. That week was rainy so we postponed our game until this past week. We played on Thursday and we had a blast. The kids showed great sportsmanship, faced fears (some of them had never played before), and worked hard. I was really proud of them. We honestly ended on a tie game, which was even better!

Academically speaking, we are cruising along, reminding our brains about place value in math. We began reading groups this week with help from our literacy coach Brain, and those are going great. The kids are working hard and have been so successful. I can tell they are feeling good. In science we ta…

Week 6

I know I keep saying this, but this hybrid schedule sure does make the weeks fly by.Everyone has still been doing an incredible job at school, working hard to follow expectations and learn. I am really proud of how well everyone has adjusted and love watching them learn and grow.This week in Reading Street, we talked about character and setting. Being able to identify both of these things in a story helps students to understand what they have read. Here they are working on writing a character profile about themselves.

In math we have begun talking about place value houses! We are reminding ourselves how to model numbers in standard and place value house form. So far we have worked with the ones, tens and hundreds places. We have watched a pretty fun video about place value and math. The pattern has no end. These pictures show students playing the "Roll A Pumpkin" game, where they solve addition problems to make a crazy looking Jack-O-Lantern!

In science, we are still working …

Week 5

Hello Families!Another beautiful and fun week has gone by. I hope you are all well and are able to find a balance between home and school. We are working hard during our in person days to establish routines, stay active and engaged and follow all of the safety expectations. The kids are working so hard and I couldn't be more proud of them. You should also know how MUCH I look forward to seeing their faces both at school and over Zoom. This first set of pictures is more of the fun we have been having in science, learning about Force and Motion. The students were challenged to build slides and make observations about different kinds of objects as they went down them. We talked about what types of materials go fast and which might go slow based on the way they feel. We talked about weight and the steepness of the slide also being factors in the speed at which an object would move. The kids are so creative and are having a blast with this unit!

This week, we also began practicing our …

Week 4

The weeks sure are flying by with only two days in person. We are making the most of them and staying busy!Here the kids are working on their math packets outside, socially distanced, which is why they are allowed to have their masks off- on our beautiful front lawn. At this time we are practicing place value knowledge and counting skills.

In Science we are talking about Force and Motion. We learned about different types of bridges and how the pushes and pulls of different materials can depend on what type of bridge you would build. We thought about how to make our bridges sturdy and strong. The main challenge was to see who could hold the most pennies on their bridges. I think the winner (Jaxon) had 25 pennies. He then helped others to make their bridges strong. The winning design used columns for strength!